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Front Outer CV Boot Kits for Kawasaki ATV UTV, Bayou Brute Force Prairie & Mule

Placement on halfshaft: Outer - Front,Left,Right

This is a pair of new OE grade neoprene CV joint boot kits for a Kawasaki ATV/UTV

They fit FRONT, OUTER on the following 4x4 models:

1989-2005 Bayou 300, 1993-1999 Bayou 400, 2004-2009 Brute Force 650, 1999-2002 Prairie 300, 2003-2008 Prairie 360, 1997-2002 Prairie 400, 2002-2003 Prairie 650, 2004-2006 Prairie 700, 1993-2002 Mule 2510, 2001-2008 Mule 3010

Front, Outboard, Left & Right

*Boots not intended for use in lifted vehicles

Product features:

  • Set includes 2 boots, 2 grease packs, 4 clamps
  • Boot material made of O.E. grade neoprene
  • Height = 3.54 in, Small end inside diameter = 0.72 in, Large end inside diameter = 2.46 in
  • Recommended boot for cold weather riding- stiffer HD boots have the potential to crack in extreme cold temperature
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Pricing: $27.99
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No warranty for boot kits

Product Notes

  • Fits: 1989-2005 Bayou 300, 1993-1999 Bayou 400, 2004-2009 Brute Force 650, 1999-2002 Prairie 300, 2003-2008 Prairie 360, 1997-2002 Prairie 400, 2002-2003 Prairie 650, 2004-2006 Prairie 700, 1993-2002 Mule 2510, 2001-2008 Mule 3010.
  • Replaces the FRONT, OUTER (wheel side) positions - as pictured.
  • Boot material made of O.E. grade neoprene.
  • Set includes 2 boots, 2 grease packs, 4 clamps.
  • Height = 3.54 in, Small end inside diameter = 0.72 in, Large end inside diameter = 2.46 in.

  • What's In The Box

  • 2 boots, 2 grease packs, 4 clamps
  • Application List

    2004KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    2004KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    2003KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    2003KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    2002KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    2002KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    2001KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    2001KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    2000KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    2000KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1999KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1999KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1998KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1998KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1997KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1997KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1996KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1996KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1995KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1995KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1994KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1994KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1993KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1993KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1992KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1992KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1991KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1991KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1990KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1990KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1989KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1989KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1999KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1998KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1997KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1996KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1995KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1994KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1993KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    2009KawasakiBrute Force 650KVF650D 4x4
    2008KawasakiBrute Force 650KVF650D 4x4
    2007KawasakiBrute Force 650KVF650D 4x4
    2006KawasakiBrute Force 650KVF650D 4x4
    2005KawasakiBrute Force 650KVF650D 4x4
    2002KawasakiMule 2510KAF950A 4x4 Diesel
    2001KawasakiMule 2510KAF950A 4x4 Diesel
    2000KawasakiMule 2510KAF620A 4x4
    2000KawasakiMule 2510KAF950A 4x4 Diesel
    1999KawasakiMule 2510KAF620A 4x4
    1998KawasakiMule 2510KAF620A 4x4
    1998KawasakiMule 2510KAF620B Turf
    1997KawasakiMule 2510KAF620A 4x4
    1996KawasakiMule 2510KAF620A 4x4
    1995KawasakiMule 2510KAF620A 4x4
    1994KawasakiMule 2510KAF620A 4x4
    1993KawasakiMule 2510KAF620A 4x4
    2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
    2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF620H 4x4
    2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF620J 4x4 Trans
    2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF620K 4x4 Trans
    2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF950D 4x4 Diesel
    2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF950E 4x4 Trans Diesel
    2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
    2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF620H 4x4
    2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF620J 4x4 Trans
    2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF620K 4x4 Trans
    2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF950B 4x4 Diesel
    2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF950C 4x4 Trans Diesel
    2006KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
    2006KawasakiMule 3010KAF620H 4x4
    2006KawasakiMule 3010KAF620J 4x4 Trans
    2006KawasakiMule 3010KAF620K 4x4 Trans
    2006KawasakiMule 3010KAF950B 4x4 Diesel
    2005KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
    2005KawasakiMule 3010KAF620H 4x4
    2005KawasakiMule 3010KAF620J 4x4 Trans
    2005KawasakiMule 3010KAF620K 4x4 Trans
    2005KawasakiMule 3010KAF950B 4x4 Diesel
    2004KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
    2004KawasakiMule 3010KAF950B 4x4 Diesel
    2003KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
    2003KawasakiMule 3010KAF620H 4x4
    2003KawasakiMule 3010KAF950B 4x4 Diesel
    2002KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
    2001KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
    2002KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300A 4x4
    2002KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300B
    2001KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300A 4x4
    2001KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300B
    2000KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300A 4x4
    2000KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300B
    1999KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300A 4x4
    1999KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300B
    2008KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360A 4x4
    2008KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360B
    2008KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360C 4x4
    2007KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360A 4x4
    2007KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360B
    2007KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360C 4x4
    2006KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360A 4x4
    2006KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360B
    2006KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360C 4x4
    2005KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360A 4x4
    2005KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360B
    2005KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360C 4x4
    2004KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360A 4x4
    2004KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360B
    2004KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360C 4x4
    2003KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360A 4x4
    2003KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360B
    2003KawasakiPrairie 360KVF360C 4x4
    2002KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400C 4x4
    2002KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400D
    2001KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400C 4x4
    2001KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400D
    2000KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400C 4x4
    2000KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400D
    1999KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400C 4x4
    1999KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400D
    1998KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400A 4x4
    1998KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400B
    1997KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400A 4x4
    2003KawasakiPrairie 650KVF650A 4x4
    2003KawasakiPrairie 650KVF650B
    2002KawasakiPrairie 650KVF650A 4x4
    2006KawasakiPrairie 700KVF700A 4x4
    2006KawasakiPrairie 700KVF700D 4x4 Team Green
    2005KawasakiPrairie 700KVF700A 4x4
    2005KawasakiPrairie 700KVF700B 4x4
    2005KawasakiPrairie 700KVF700D 4x4 Team Green
    2004KawasakiPrairie 700KVF700A 4x4
    2004KawasakiPrairie 700KVF700B 4x4


    • PH161-10/PH161-10
    • PH161-10/PH161-10
    • ATV Parts Connection
    • Available
    • New

    Shipping Information

    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 2.0 lbs.
    • W5.0000” x H5.0000” x L8.0000”
    • Free Ground Shipping
    • Free Shipping - Same Day If Ordered Before 3 EST

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