Tested and proven against the competition. Every aspect of the axle has been thought over (not just for the lift kit, but how can we make the joints better, how can we make the cooling better, how can we design the internals better). Plunge removed from the inner joint operates independently on axle shaft to avoid interaction inside the inner joint that can damage axle 45-degree angle of operation at both joints (23 degrees on the stock part)

Axle has been designed to be repaired – replacement parts always in stock. Industry-best warranty. Can be used on stock vehicles up to 4” lift, so axles can be used even if the customer wants to go from stock to lifted or 2” to 4” or from lifted back to stock. No other axle can do anything like this, you need a new part anytime any significant change to suspension happens Multi-rib boot design to make it more flexible and less likely to tear or puncture

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