Installation of a "Non-Rebuildable" U-Joint

  • Step 1

    Press the new U-Joint and bearing caps into position and insert the "C" clip

  • Step 2

    Use a press or hammer to expose the opposite slot, then insert the second clip.

    Repeat the above steps for the remaining clips.

    Make sure all the clips are completely seated into the groove of the new bearing caps

Disassembly of a "Non-Rebuildable" U-Joint

  • Step 1

    Use a press or hammer to force the bearing cap out of the staked ear hold.This may require considerable force but be careful not to damage the ear holes or bend the yoke or flange ears.

  • Step 2

    Use a vise or pliers to remove the bearing cap which is exposed on the opposite side. Twisting the pliers back and forth while pulling may help unseat the cap.

  • Step 3

    Use a small grinding wheel to smooth the staked ear hole on the driven side in order to make the removal of the opposite bearing cap easier.

    Repeat the above steps to remove the remaining bearing caps. Once all the caps are removed, discard the used joint.

    Inspect the yoke and flange for damage, cleaning out the remaining staked tabs and any excessive burs. This will help make installing the new caps easy.

  • Remove and replace CV Joints and U-Joints

    General steps to remove an axle from an ATV

    1. Jack the vehicle off the ground and secure it from rolling.
    2. Remove the wheel.
    3. Remove the axle nut (the large nut on the outside of the hub)
    4. Separate the lower ball joint from hub assembly. Then do the same for the tie rod end
    5. The hub will be able to swing out away allowing the outer CV joint to be slipped out through the back. This may require a tap on the threaded end of the outer CV joint. Put the axle nut back on half-way so that you can tap on it without damaging the threads.
    6. The inner CV joint will be the only thing holding it axle in place. The inner CV joint is held in by a "c" clip, just pry it away from the differential and it will pop out, you may need to tap it from behind. Now you should be able to pull it out of the differential.
  • Polaris Outlaw 500 / 525 Rear Inner Boot Instructions

    This kit is slightly different than OEM, which is why the modified replacement clip is supplied.


    Boot may be a little shorter, so for this reason it might be required to loosen the small clamp and push it back toward the differential and re-tighten the clamp.


    Polaris recommends using a rubber sealant with the boot (like what's used on seating a tire to a metal rim). This can be done by removing the clip and clamp and pulling the boot away from the differential. Wipe the area where the boot will contact the metal with a clean rag (dampened with break clean to degrease thoroughly).


    Do the same to the area of the boot to insure it's also grease free.


    Apply the sealant all the way around the contact area and push the boot gently in to the flange just enough to allow you to insert the clip into the groove.


    This should be done by separating the clip so that one end of the clip can be inserted into the groove and pushing back in as you work your way around the making sure that the clip is in all the way to the back of the groove.


    Once it has dried thoroughly, slide a flat head screwdriver in between the boot and the shaft to allow air in and pull the axle out all the way until it stops and then push back in until it stops then set it at the mid-range.


    Now push the boot back just beyond the groove that the OEM one sets into and attach the small clamp.

  • ATV CV Axle removal and disassembly video