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CV Axle Set for Kawasaki Mule PRO FX, FTX, FXR, DX, & DXT 4x4, Set of 4

Location on vehicle: Front,Rear,Left,Right

This is a set of 4 new CV axles for a Kawasaki UTV.

They fit FRONT & REAR on the following 4x4 models:

2015-2020 ... Mule PRO FXT

2016-2022 ... Mule PRO FX/FXR

2016-2022 ... Mule PRO DX/DXT

*Not intended for use in lifted vehicles

Product features:

  • Stronger than OEM chromoly hardened steel axle bars
  • Greased with a moly based grease to provide superior joint lubrication
  • Fitted with neoprene CV boots for added wear and puncture resistance
  • Inboard spline count: Fronts - 26, Rears - 29
  • Outboard spline count: Fronts - 26, Rears - 29
  • Compressed overall axle length: FL - 755.5 mm, FR - 755.5 mm, RL - 711.2 mm, RR - 749.3 mm
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Pricing: $284.99
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1 year factory defect warranty

Product Notes

  • Fits the following Kawasaki UTVs: 2015-2020 Mule PRO FXT, 2016-2022 Mule PRO FX/FXR, 2016-2022 Mule PRO DX/DXT. Set includes 4 axles.
  • Features stronger than OEM chromoly forged steel axle bars. Greased with a moly based grease to provide superior joint lubrication. Fitted with neoprene CV boots for added wear and puncture resistance.
  • Inboard splines: Fronts - 26, Rears - 29, Outboard splines: Fronts - 26, Rears - 29, Compressed axle length: FL - 755.5. FR 755.5 mm, RL - 711.2 mm, RR - 749.3 mm.
  • Replaces Kawasaki OEM # 59266-0710, 59266-0049, 59266-0050.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty (excluding torn boots & use on lifted vehicles). Lift kit voids warranty, parts are not designed to be used on lifted or modified vehicles.

  • What's In The Box

  • 4 axles
  • Application List

    2022KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2022KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel EPS FE
    2021KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2020KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2019KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2018KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2017KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel
    2017KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2017KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel LE EPS
    2016KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel
    2016KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2016KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel LE EPS
    2022KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel
    2022KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2022KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS FE
    2021KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel
    2021KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2021KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS FE
    2020KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel
    2020KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2019KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel
    2019KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2018KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel
    2018KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2017KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel
    2017KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2017KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel LE EPS
    2016KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel
    2016KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS
    2016KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel LE EPS
    2022KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820
    2022KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS
    2022KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS LE
    2021KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820
    2021KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS
    2021KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS LE
    2020KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820
    2020KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS
    2020KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS LE
    2019KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820
    2019KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS
    2019KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS LE
    2018KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820
    2018KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS
    2018KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS Camo
    2018KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS LE
    2017KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820EHF
    2017KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820FHF EPS
    2017KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820GHF LE EPS
    2017KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820HHF Camo EPS
    2017KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820LHF Ranch Edition
    2016KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820
    2016KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS
    2016KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 EPS Camo
    2016KawasakiMule PROFXKAF820 LE EPS
    2022KawasakiMule PROFXRKAF820
    2021KawasakiMule PROFXRKAF820
    2020KawasakiMule PROFXRKAF820
    2019KawasakiMule PROFXRKAF820
    2019KawasakiMule PROFXRKAF820 EPS
    2018KawasakiMule PROFXRKAF820
    2020KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820
    2020KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS
    2020KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS Camo
    2020KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS LE
    2020KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 Ranch Edition
    2019KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820
    2019KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS
    2019KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS Camo
    2019KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS LE
    2019KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 Ranch Edition
    2018KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820
    2018KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS
    2018KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS Camo
    2018KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS LE
    2018KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 Ranch Edition
    2017KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820AHF
    2017KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820BHF EPS
    2017KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820CHF LE EPS
    2017KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820DHF Camo EPS
    2016KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820
    2016KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS
    2016KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS Camo
    2016KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 LE EPS
    2016KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 Ranch Edition
    2015KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820
    2015KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS
    2015KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS Camo
    2015KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 LE EPS


    • KW-140/KW-140/KW-320/KW-321
    • KW-140/KW-140/KW-320/KW-321
    • ATV Parts Connection
    • Available
    • New

    Shipping Information

    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 62.0 lbs.
    • W10.0000” x H10.0000” x L28.0000”
    • Free Ground Shipping
    • Free Shipping - Same Day If Ordered Before 3 EST

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