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ATV Front Brake Rotors with Pads for Yamaha 3GD-2582T-10-00

Location on vehicle: Front

This is a set of new front disc brake rotors & brake pads for a Yamaha ATV.

They fit the following models:

1990-2006 ... Banshee 350

2003-2006 ... Blaster 200

2004-2013 ... Raptor 350

2001-2005 ... Raptor 660

2006-2009 ... Raptor 700

2010-2011 ... Raptor 700R

1989-2004 ... Warrior 350

2004-2005 ... YFZ450 S/T

*Rotors made from tempered stainless steel for optimal performance * Bronze-based powder metallurgy brake pads designed to provide reliable braking*

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Pricing: $42.99


1 year factory defect limited warranty

Product Notes

  • Fits: 1990-2006 Banshee 350, 2003-2006 Blaster 200, 2004-2013 Raptor 350, 2001-2005 Raptor 660, 2006-2009 Raptor 700, 2010-2011 Raptor 700R, 1989-2004 Warrior 350, 2004-2005 YFZ450 S/T.
  • Made from tempered stainless steel for optimal performance. Bronze-based powder metallurgy brake pads designed to provide reliable braking.
  • Engineered to meet or exceed OE specifications.
  • Replaces Yamaha OEM # (rotors) 3GD-2582T-00-00, 3GD-2582T-10-00, (pads) 4D3-W0046-50-00, 4D3-W0046-51-00, 1UY-W0046-00-00, 1UY-W0046-01-00.
  • Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

  • What's In The Box

  • 2 brake rotors & 4 brake pads
  • Application List

    2006YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    2006YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350SE Special Edition
    2006YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350SP 50th Anniversary Edition
    2005YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    2005YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350SE Special Edition
    2004YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    2004YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350LE Limited Edition
    2003YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    2002YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    2001YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    2000YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    1999YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    1998YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    1997YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    1996YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    1995YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    1994YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    1993YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    1992YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    1991YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    1990YamahaBanshee 350YFZ350
    2013YamahaRaptor 250YFM250R
    2013YamahaRaptor 250YFM250RW Custom Graphics
    2012YamahaRaptor 250YFM250R
    2012YamahaRaptor 250YFM250RW Custom Graphics
    2011YamahaRaptor 250YFM250R
    2011YamahaRaptor 250YFM250R Special Edition
    2010YamahaRaptor 250YFM250R
    2009YamahaRaptor 250YFM250R
    2008YamahaRaptor 250YFM250R
    2008YamahaRaptor 250YFM250RSP2 Special Edition II
    2008YamahaRaptor 250YFM250RSP Special Edition
    2013YamahaRaptor 350YFM350R
    2012YamahaRaptor 350YFM350R
    2011YamahaRaptor 350YFM350R
    2010YamahaRaptor 350YFM350R
    2009YamahaRaptor 350YFM350R
    2008YamahaRaptor 350YFM350R
    2007YamahaRaptor 350YFM350R
    2007YamahaRaptor 350YFM350RSE2 Special Edition II
    2007YamahaRaptor 350YFM350RSE Special Edition
    2006YamahaRaptor 350YFM350R
    2006YamahaRaptor 350YFM350RSE Special Edition
    2005YamahaRaptor 350YFM350R
    2005YamahaRaptor 350YFM350RSE Special Edition
    2005YamahaRaptor 660RYFM660R
    2005YamahaRaptor 660RYFM660RSE Special Edition
    2004YamahaRaptor 660RYFM660R
    2004YamahaRaptor 660RYFM660R Limited Edition
    2003YamahaRaptor 660RYFM660R
    2002YamahaRaptor 660RYFM660R
    2002YamahaRaptor 660RYFM660R Limited Edition
    2001YamahaRaptor 660RYFM660R
    2015YamahaRaptor 700YFM700
    2014YamahaRaptor 700YFM700R
    2013YamahaRaptor 700YFM700
    2012YamahaRaptor 700YFM700RSE Special Edition
    2011YamahaRaptor 700YFM700RSE Special Edition
    2010YamahaRaptor 700YFM700RSE Special Edition
    2009YamahaRaptor 700YFM700RSE Special Edition
    2008YamahaRaptor 700YFM700R
    2008YamahaRaptor 700YFM700RSP2 Special Edition II
    2008YamahaRaptor 700YFM700RSP Special Edition
    2007YamahaRaptor 700YFM700R
    2007YamahaRaptor 700YFM700RSE2 Special Edition II
    2007YamahaRaptor 700YFM700RSE Special Edition
    2007YamahaRaptor 700YFM700RYR GYTR Edition
    2006YamahaRaptor 700YFM700R
    2006YamahaRaptor 700YFM700RSP 50th Anniversary Edition
    2015YamahaRaptor 700RYFM700R
    2015YamahaRaptor 700RYFM700RSE Special Edition
    2014YamahaRaptor 700RYFM700RSE Special Edition
    2014YamahaRaptor 700RYFM700RSL Team Yamaha
    2013YamahaRaptor 700RYFM700R
    2013YamahaRaptor 700RYFM700R Custom Graphics
    2013YamahaRaptor 700RYFM700RSE Special Edition
    2012YamahaRaptor 700RYFM700R
    2012YamahaRaptor 700RYFM700RW Custom Graphics
    2011YamahaRaptor 700RYFM700R
    2009YamahaRaptor 700RYFM700R
    2004YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    2003YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    2002YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    2001YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    2000YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    1999YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    1998YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    1997YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    1996YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    1995YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    1994YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    1993YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    1992YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    1991YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    1990YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    1989YamahaWarrior 350YFM350X
    2015YamahaYFZ450RSESpecial Edition
    2014YamahaYFZ450RSESpecial Edition
    2013YamahaYFZ450RSESpecial Edition
    2012YamahaYFZ450RSESpecial Edition
    2011YamahaYFZ450RSESpecial Edition
    2007YamahaYFZ450SESpecial Edition
    2006YamahaYFZ450SESpecial Edition
    2008YamahaYFZ450SPSpecial Edition
    2008YamahaYFZ450SP2Special Edition II
    2007YamahaYFZ450VBill Balance Edition
    2006YamahaYFZ450VBill Balance Edition
    2010YamahaYFZ450XBill Balance Edition
    2011YamahaYFZ450XSESpecial Edition


    • BD-6/BD-6/BP-100/BP-100
    • BD-6/BD-6/BP-100/BP-100
    • ATV Parts Connection
    • Temporarily Not Available
    • New


    Shipping Information

    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 3.7 lbs.
    • W6.0000” x H2.0000” x L8.0000”
    • Free Ground Shipping
    • Free Shipping - Same Day If Ordered Before 3 EST

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