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Tie Rod End Kit for Arctic Cat, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki ATV

Location on vehicle: Left,Right

Tie Rod End Kit

Fits Various Makes and Models: 

Arctic Cat: 3313-808: 350-CR 12, 350 Utility 4x4 11, 425 4x4 11-12, 450 XC 11-12, 50 2x4 08 90 DVX 06-18, 90 Utility 2x4 07-16, Alterra 90 17-18 Kawasaki: 39112-1063, 39112-1064: KEF300 Lakota 95-03, KFX250 Mojave 87-04, KFX400 03, KLF110 87-88 KLF185 Bayou 85-88, KLF220 Bayou 88-02, KLF250 Bayou 03-11, KLF300C Bayou 4x4 89-05, KLF400 Bayou 93-99, KVF300A Prairie 4x4 99-00, KVF300B Prairie 2x4 99-00, KVF400A Prairie 4x4 97-98, KVF400B Prairie 98, KKVF400C Prairie 4x4 99-00, KVF400D Prairie 99-00, KXF250 Tecate 87-88 Polaris: 0453129, 0453128: Phoenix 200 06-09, Sawtooth 200 06-07 Suzuki: 51270-04200, 51270-07G01, 51270-09F00:
51260-04200, 51260-07G01, 51260-09F00,
LT-125 83-84, LT-50 84-87, LT-A500F Vinson 02-03, LT-F250 Ozark 03, LT-F500F Vinson 03, LT-Z400 03

Kit contains everything shown in picture

  • High performance grease features special rust inhibitors for the most demanding applications

  • All parts meet or exceed OEM specifications, but at a fraction of the cost

  • One kit consists of two tie rod ends; two kits required per vehicle

Shipping: Free Shipping - Same Day If Ordered Before 3 EST
Pricing: $14.99
Free Ground Shipping


1 year factory defect warranty

Product Notes

  • Heavy Duty steel and aluminum housings have been strengthened in critical areas Kits include 2 tie rod ends. (1 LH thread, 1 RH thread) You need 2 kits to replace both sides,
  • Replacement for Arctic Cat OEM # 3313-808: Kawasaki # 39112-1063, 39112-1064: Polaris # 0453129,0453128: Suzuki # 51270-04200, 51260-04200, 51260-07G01, 51270-07G01,51260-09F00, 51270-09F00:
  • Fits: 2011 Arctic Cat 350 Utility 4x4, 2011-2012 Arctic Cat 425 4x4, 2011-2012 Arctic Cat 450XC Polaris Phoenix 200 06-09, Sawtooth 200 06-07, Suzuki LT-125 83-84, LT-50 84-87, LT-A500F Vinson 02-03, LT-F250 Ozark 03, LT-F500F Vinson 03, LT-Z400 03
  • Fits: Kawasaki: KEF300 Lakota 95-03, KFX250 Mojave 87-04, KFX400 03, KLF185 Bayou 85-88, KLF220 Bayou 88-02, KLF250 Bayou 03-11, KLF300C Bayou 4x4 89-05, KLF400 Bayou 93-99, KVF300A Prairie 4x4 99-00
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty. Please note parts are designed as an OEM replacement and use on lifted/modified vehicles will void warranty.

  • What's In The Box

  • 2 Tie Rod Ends (1 Inner & 1 Outer)
  • Application List

    2011Arctic Cat3504x4 Automatic
    2012Arctic Cat4254x4 EFI
    2012Arctic Cat4254x4 SE EFI
    2011Arctic Cat4254x4 CR EFI
    2012Arctic CatXC4504x4 EFI
    2011Arctic CatXC4504x4 EFI
    1988KawasakiBayou 185KLF185A
    1987KawasakiBayou 185KLF185A
    1986KawasakiBayou 185KLF185A
    1985KawasakiBayou 185KLF185A
    2002KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    2001KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    2000KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1999KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1998KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1997KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1996KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1995KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1994KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1993KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1992KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1991KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1990KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1989KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    1988KawasakiBayou 220KLF220A
    2011KawasakiBayou 250KLF250A
    2010KawasakiBayou 250KLF250A
    2009KawasakiBayou 250KLF250A
    2008KawasakiBayou 250KLF250A
    2007KawasakiBayou 250KLF250A
    2006KawasakiBayou 250KLF250A
    2005KawasakiBayou 250KLF250A
    2004KawasakiBayou 250KLF250A
    2003KawasakiBayou 250KLF250A
    2004KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    2004KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    2003KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    2003KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    2002KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    2002KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    2001KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    2001KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    2000KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    2000KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1999KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1999KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1998KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1998KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1997KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1997KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1996KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1996KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1995KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1995KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1994KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1994KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1993KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1993KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1992KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1992KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1991KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1991KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1990KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1990KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1989KawasakiBayou 300KLF300B
    1989KawasakiBayou 300KLF300C 4x4
    1999KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1998KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1997KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1996KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1995KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1994KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    1993KawasakiBayou 400KLF400B 4x4
    2003KawasakiLakota 300KEF300B Sport
    2002KawasakiLakota 300KEF300B Sport
    2001KawasakiLakota 300KEF300B Sport
    2000KawasakiLakota 300KEF300A
    1999KawasakiLakota 300KEF300A
    1998KawasakiLakota 300KEF300A
    1997KawasakiLakota 300KEF300A
    1996KawasakiLakota 300KEF300A
    1995KawasakiLakota 300KEF300A
    2003KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    2002KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    2001KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    2000KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1999KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1998KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1997KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1996KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1995KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1994KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1993KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1992KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1991KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1990KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1989KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1988KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    1987KawasakiMojave 250KSF250A
    2000KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300A 4x4
    2000KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300B
    1999KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300A 4x4
    1999KawasakiPrairie 300KVF300B
    2000KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400C 4x4
    2000KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400D
    1999KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400C 4x4
    1999KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400D
    1998KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400A 4x4
    1998KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400B
    1997KawasakiPrairie 400KVF400A 4x4
    2009PolarisPhoenix 200--
    2008PolarisPhoenix 200--
    2007PolarisPhoenix 200--
    2007PolarisPhoenix 200Limited Edition
    2006PolarisPhoenix 200--
    2007PolarisSawtooth 200--
    2006PolarisSawtooth 200--
    2003SuzukiOzark 250LTF250 2x4
    1987SuzukiQuadrunner 50LT50 2x4
    1986SuzukiQuadrunner 50LT50 2x4
    1985SuzukiQuadrunner 50LT50 2x4
    1984SuzukiQuadrunner 50LT50 2x4
    1984SuzukiQuadrunner 125LT125 4x6
    1983SuzukiQuadrunner 125LT125 4x6
    2003SuzukiQuadsport Z400LTZ400 2x4
    2003SuzukiVinson 500LTA500F 4x4 Auto
    2003SuzukiVinson 500LTF500F 4x4 Manual
    2002SuzukiVinson 500LTA500F 4x4 Auto



    Shipping Information

    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 1.0 lbs.
    • W5.0000” x H1.5000” x L5.0000”
    • Free Ground Shipping
    • Free Shipping - Same Day If Ordered Before 3 EST

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