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Wheel Bearings for Polaris 3514627, 3514699

Location on vehicle: Rear,Front,Left,Right

This listing is for one new wheel bearing for a Polaris ATV.

This bearing will fit the following 4x4 applications:

2014-2016 ... Scrambler 850 / XP 850

Front or Rear, Left or Right

Product features:

  • High speed bearings manufactured for long life
  • Double lip seals made to keep grease in and dirt out
  • Replaces Polaris OEM #s 3514627, 3514699
Shipping: Free Shipping - Ships Same Day If Ordered Before 3EST
Pricing: $39.99
Free ground shipping for lower 48 states ( some exclusions may apply)


1 year factory defect warranty

Product Notes

  • Check description for specific vehicle fitment. If you're unsure if this part will fit your vehicle please message us
  • High speed bearings manufactured for long life
  • Kit contains 1 sealed bearing
  • Replacement for Polaris OEM # 3514627, 3514699
  • Fits Front & Rear: 2014-2016 Polaris Scrambler 850 & 850 XP / 2011-2014 Polaris RZR 900 - RZR XP 900 - RZR XP 4 900 / 2010-2014 Polaris Sportsman 550 / 2010-2016 Polaris Sportsman 850 / 2009-2014 Polaris Sportsman XP 550 - Sportsman XP 850 / 2015 Polaris Sportsman XP 850 / 2014-2016 Polaris Scrambler 1000 - Scrambler XP 1000 / 2015-2016 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 / 2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000 - XP 4 1000 / Fits Front ONLY: 2011-2014 Polaris RZR 800 / 2012-2016 Polaris RZR 570
  • Application List

    2009PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI EPS{}
    2009PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI{}
    2010PolarisSportsman XP 850Touring EPS{}
    2010PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI EPS{}
    2010PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI{}
    2010PolarisSportsman XP 850Browning EPS{}
    2011PolarisSportsman XP 850Pursuit{}
    2011PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI EPS{}
    2011PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI{}
    2011PolarisSportsman XP 850Browning EPS{}
    2011PolarisSportsman XP 850Browning{}
    2012PolarisSportsman XP 850Pursuit{}
    2012PolarisSportsman XP 850LE Browning HO EPS{}
    2012PolarisSportsman XP 850HO EPS{}
    2012PolarisSportsman XP 850HO{}
    2013PolarisSportsman XP 850LE Browning HO EPS{}
    2013PolarisSportsman XP 850LE{}
    2013PolarisSportsman XP 850HO EPS{}
    2013PolarisSportsman XP 850HO{}
    2014PolarisSportsman XP 850Pursuit HO EPS{}
    2014PolarisSportsman XP 850LE HO EPS{}
    2014PolarisSportsman XP 850LE Browning HO EPS{}
    2014PolarisSportsman XP 850HO EPS{}
    2014PolarisSportsman XP 850Browning{}
    2014PolarisSportsman XP 850--{}
    2009PolarisSportsman XP 550EFI EPS{}
    2009PolarisSportsman XP 550EFI{}
    2015PolarisSportsman XP 1000Touring Pearl White LE{}
    2015PolarisSportsman XP 1000Touring{}
    2015PolarisSportsman XP 1000Titanium Matte Metallic LE{}
    2015PolarisSportsman XP 1000Pursuit{}
    2015PolarisSportsman XP 1000--{}
    2016PolarisSportsman XP 1000Touring Limited{}
    2016PolarisSportsman XP 1000Touring{}
    2016PolarisSportsman XP 1000Hunter Edition{}
    2016PolarisSportsman XP 1000High Lifter Edition{}
    2016PolarisSportsman XP 1000--{}
    2016PolarisSportsman SP 850Touring{}
    2016PolarisSportsman SP 850--{}
    2010PolarisSportsman 850Touring EFI EPS{}
    2011PolarisSportsman 850Touring EFI EPS{}
    2011PolarisSportsman 850Forest{}
    2011PolarisSportsman 8502 Passenger{}
    2012PolarisSportsman 850Touring HO EPS{}
    2012PolarisSportsman 850Touring EPS{}
    2012PolarisSportsman 850Forest{}
    2013PolarisSportsman 850Touring HO EPS{}
    2013PolarisSportsman 850Touring EPS{}
    2013PolarisSportsman 850LE Touring HO EPS{}
    2013PolarisSportsman 850Forest{}
    2014PolarisSportsman 850Touring EPS{}
    2014PolarisSportsman 850LE Touring HO EPS{}
    2014PolarisSportsman 850Forest{}
    2015PolarisSportsman 850Pursuit{}
    2015PolarisSportsman 850--{}
    2016PolarisSportsman 850SP{}
    2016PolarisSportsman 850Pursuit Camo{}
    2016PolarisSportsman 850High Lifter Edition{}
    2016PolarisSportsman 850--{}
    2010PolarisSportsman 550Touring EFI EPS{}
    2010PolarisSportsman 550EFI EPS{}
    2010PolarisSportsman 550EFI{}
    2010PolarisSportsman 550Browning EPS{}
    2011PolarisSportsman 550Touring EFI EPS{}
    2011PolarisSportsman 550Pursuit EPS{}
    2011PolarisSportsman 550Forest{}
    2011PolarisSportsman 550EFI EPS{}
    2011PolarisSportsman 550EFI{}
    2011PolarisSportsman 550Browning EPS{}
    2011PolarisSportsman 550Browning{}
    2012PolarisSportsman 550Touring EPS{}
    2012PolarisSportsman 550LE Browning EPS{}
    2012PolarisSportsman 550LE{}
    2012PolarisSportsman 550Forest{}
    2012PolarisSportsman 550EPS{}
    2012PolarisSportsman 550--{}
    2013PolarisSportsman 550Touring EPS{}
    2013PolarisSportsman 550LE Browning EPS{}
    2013PolarisSportsman 550LE{}
    2013PolarisSportsman 550Forest{}
    2013PolarisSportsman 550EPS{}
    2013PolarisSportsman 550--{}
    2014PolarisSportsman 550Touring EPS{}
    2014PolarisSportsman 550Pursuit EPS{}
    2014PolarisSportsman 550LE Browning EPS{}
    2014PolarisSportsman 550Forest{}
    2014PolarisSportsman 550EPS{}
    2014PolarisSportsman 550EFI{}
    2014PolarisScrambler XP 850LE HO EPS{}
    2014PolarisScrambler XP 850HO{}
    2014PolarisScrambler XP 850--{}
    2015PolarisScrambler XP 850--{}
    2014PolarisScrambler XP 1000EPS{}
    2015PolarisScrambler XP 1000EPS{}
    2016PolarisScrambler XP 1000EPS{}
    2015PolarisScrambler 850--{}
    2016PolarisScrambler 850--{}
    2011PolarisRZR XP 900LE{}
    2011PolarisRZR XP 900--{}
    2012PolarisRZR XP 900LE EFI{}
    2012PolarisRZR XP 900EFI{}
    2013PolarisRZR XP 900Walker Evans Edition EPS{}
    2013PolarisRZR XP 900LE EPS{}
    2013PolarisRZR XP 900LE{}
    2013PolarisRZR XP 900Jagged X Edition HO{}
    2013PolarisRZR XP 900EFI{}
    2013PolarisRZR XP 4 900LE EPS{}
    2013PolarisRZR XP 4 900--{}
    2014PolarisRZR XP 4 1000EPS{}
    2014PolarisRZR XP 1000EPS{}
    2011PolarisRZR S 800EFI{}
    2012PolarisRZR S 800LE EFI{}
    2012PolarisRZR S 800EFI{}
    2013PolarisRZR S 800LE EFI EPS{}
    2013PolarisRZR S 800LE EFI{}
    2013PolarisRZR S 800EFI{}
    2014PolarisRZR S 800LE EPS{}
    2014PolarisRZR S 800--{}
    2014PolarisRZR 900XC Edition{}
    2014PolarisRZR 900Pursuit{}
    2014PolarisRZR 900LE EPS{}
    2014PolarisRZR 900--{}
    2011PolarisRZR 800Pursuit EFI{}
    2011PolarisRZR 800EFI EPS{}
    2011PolarisRZR 800EFI{}
    2012PolarisRZR 800Walker Evans Edition EFI{}
    2012PolarisRZR 800EFI LE EPS{}
    2012PolarisRZR 800EFI LE{}
    2012PolarisRZR 800EFI EPS{}
    2012PolarisRZR 800EFI{}
    2013PolarisRZR 800Pursuit{}
    2013PolarisRZR 800LE EFI EPS{}
    2013PolarisRZR 800LE EFI{}
    2013PolarisRZR 800EFI{}
    2014PolarisRZR 800XC Edition{}
    2014PolarisRZR 800Walker Evans EPS{}
    2014PolarisRZR 800Pursuit{}
    2014PolarisRZR 800LE EPS{}
    2014PolarisRZR 800--{}
    2012PolarisRZR 570EFI{}
    2013PolarisRZR 570LE Trail EFI EPS{}
    2013PolarisRZR 570EFI{}
    2014PolarisRZR 570LE Trail EPS{}
    2014PolarisRZR 570LE EPS{}
    2014PolarisRZR 570EPS{}
    2014PolarisRZR 570--{}
    2015PolarisRZR 570Trail EPS{}
    2015PolarisRZR 570LE Trail EPS{}
    2015PolarisRZR 570EPS{}
    2015PolarisRZR 570--{}
    2016PolarisRZR 570Trail EPS{}
    2016PolarisRZR 570--{}
    2012PolarisRZR 4 XP 900LE EPS{}
    2012PolarisRZR 4 XP 900EPS{}
    2012PolarisRZR 4 XP 900--{}
    2014PolarisRZR 4 900LE EPS{}
    2011PolarisRZR 4 800Robby Gordon Edition EPS{}
    2011PolarisRZR 4 800Robby Gordon Edition{}
    2012PolarisRZR 4 800Robby Gordon Edition EPS{}
    2012PolarisRZR 4 800Robby Gordon Edition{}
    2012PolarisRZR 4 800--{}
    2013PolarisRZR 4 800LE EPS{}
    2013PolarisRZR 4 800--{}
    2014PolarisRZR 4 800LE EPS{}

    What's in the box

    1 Bearing



    Shipping Information

    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 1.1 lbs.
    • W2.0000” x H5.0000” x L5.0000”
    • Free ground shipping for lower 48 states ( some exclusions may apply)
    • Free Shipping - Ships Same Day If Ordered Before 3EST

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