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Disc Brake Rotor for Can-Am Outlander & Renegade ATV, 705600999

Location on vehicle: Front,Rear

This is a new, tempered-steel, brake rotor for a Can-Am ATV.

It can fit any location (Front or Rear) on the following models:

2015-2023 ... Outlander 450/MAX

2013-2015 ... Outlander 500/MAX

2016-2023 ... Outlander 570/MAX

2013-2023 ... Outlander 650/MAX

2013-2015 ... Outlander 800/MAX

2016-2017 ... Outlander 850/MAX

2012-2023 ... Outlander 1000/MAX

2016-2018 ... Renegade 570

2019-2023 ... Renegade 650

2020-2022 ... Renegade 850

2020-2022 ... Renegade 1000

Product features:

  • Made from tempered stainless steel for optimal performance
  • Diameter = 215 mm
  • Fits front or rear locations (most require a single rotor for the rear, but 6x6 models will require 2)
  • Replaces OEM # 705600999
Shipping: Free Shipping - Same Day If Ordered Before 3 EST
Pricing: $26.99
Free Ground Shipping


1 year factory defect limited warranty

Product Notes

  • Fits the following Can-Am models: 2015-2023 Outlander 450/570/MAX, 2013-2015 Outlander 500/800/MAX, 2013-2023 Outlander 650/MAX, 2016-2017 Outlander 850/MAX, 2012-2023 Outlander 1000/MAX, 2016-2018 Renegade 570, 2019-2023 Renegade 650, 2020-2022 Renegade 850/1000.
  • Will fit front or rear locations. Most models require a total of 3 rotors: front (2), rear (1), but 6x6 models require 4: front (2), rear (2).
  • Rotos made from tempered stainless steel for optimal performance.
  • Replaces OEM # 705600999.
  • Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

  • What's In The Box

  • 1 brake rotor
  • Application List

    2022Can-AmOutlander 4504X4
    2022Can-AmOutlander 4504x4 DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 4504x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 4504X4
    2021Can-AmOutlander 4504x4 DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 4504x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 4504X4
    2020Can-AmOutlander 4504x4 DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 4504x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 4504X4
    2019Can-AmOutlander 4504x4 DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 4504x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 4504X4
    2018Can-AmOutlander 4504x4 DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 4504x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 4504X4
    2017Can-AmOutlander 4504x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XT
    2014Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 DPS EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XT EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XT EFI
    2023Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 MR
    2023Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XMR DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 5704X4
    2022Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 MR
    2022Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XMR DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XT DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 5704X4
    2021Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XMR DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XT DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 5704X4
    2020Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XMR DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XT DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 5704X4
    2019Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XMR DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XT DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 5704X4
    2018Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XMR DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XT DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 5704X4
    2017Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XMR DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XT DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XT Camo DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 5704x4 XT DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 6504X4
    2022Can-AmOutlander 6504X4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition
    2022Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 6504X4
    2021Can-AmOutlander 6504X4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition
    2021Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 6504X4
    2020Can-AmOutlander 6504X4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition
    2020Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 6504X4
    2019Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 North Edition DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6504X4
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 North Edition DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6506x6 DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 6504X4
    2017Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 6506x6 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 6504X4
    2016Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT Camo DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 6506x6 XT
    2016Can-AmOutlander 6506x6 XT Camo DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander 6504X4
    2015Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR
    2015Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT
    2015Can-AmOutlander 6506x6 XT
    2014Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR
    2014Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT EFI
    2015Can-AmOutlander 800R4X4
    2015Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XMR
    2015Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XT
    2015Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XTP
    2014Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 DPS EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XMR EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XT EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XTP EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XMR EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XT EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XTP EFI
    2017Can-AmOutlander 8504x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 8504x4 XMR DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 8504x4 XT-P DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 8504x4 XT DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 8504x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 8504x4 XMR DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 8504x4 XT-P DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 8504x4 XT DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 10006x6 XT
    2017Can-AmOutlander 10006x6 XT
    2016Can-AmOutlander 10006x6 XT
    2016Can-AmOutlander 10006x6 XT Camo DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 XMR
    2015Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 XT
    2015Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 XTP
    2015Can-AmOutlander 10006x6 XT
    2014Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 DPS EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 XMR EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 XT EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 XTP EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 XMR EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 XT EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 XTP EFI
    2012Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 EFI
    2012Can-AmOutlander 10004x4 XT EFI
    2023Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2023Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2023Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2023Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XMR Camo DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander L 4504X4
    2016Can-AmOutlander L 4504x4 Camo DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander L 4504x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander L 4504X4
    2015Can-AmOutlander L 4504x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander L 5004X4
    2015Can-AmOutlander L 5004x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander L 5704X4
    2016Can-AmOutlander L 5704X4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition
    2016Can-AmOutlander L 5704x4 Camo DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander L 5704x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander L 5704x4 LE DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander L 5704x4 XMR DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander L MAX 4504x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander L MAX 4504X4
    2016Can-AmOutlander L MAX 4504x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander L MAX 4504X4
    2015Can-AmOutlander L MAX 4504x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander L MAX 5004X4
    2015Can-AmOutlander L MAX 5004x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander L MAX 5704X4
    2016Can-AmOutlander L MAX 5704x4 DPS
    2023Can-AmOutlander Max 4504X4
    2023Can-AmOutlander Max 4504x4 DPS
    2023Can-AmOutlander Max 4506x6 DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 4504X4
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 4504x4 DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 4506x6 DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 4504X4
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 4504x4 DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 4506x6 DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 4504X4
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 4504x4 DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 4506x6 DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 4504X4
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 4504x4 DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 4506x6 DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander Max 4504X4
    2018Can-AmOutlander Max 4504x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander Max 4504X4
    2017Can-AmOutlander Max 4504x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 5004x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 5004x4 XT
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 5004x4 DPS EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 5004x4 EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 5004x4 XT EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 5004x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 5004x4 EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 5004x4 XT EFI
    2023Can-AmOutlander Max 5704X4
    2023Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 DPS
    2023Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 XT DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 5704X4
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 XT DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 5704X4
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 XT DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 5704X4
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 XT DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 5704X4
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 XT DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander Max 5704X4
    2018Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 XT DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander Max 5704X4
    2017Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 XT DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander Max 5704x4 XT DPS
    2023Can-AmOutlander Max 6506x6 DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 XT DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 6506x6 DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 XT DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 6506x6 DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 XT DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 6506x6 DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 North Edition DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 XT DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 6506x6 DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 North Edition DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 XT DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 XT DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 XT DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 6504X4
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 XT
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 DPS EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 XT EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 6504x4 XT EFI
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 800R4x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 800R4x4 XT
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 800R4x4 XTP
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 800R4x4 DPS EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 800R4x4 XT EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 800R4x4 XTP EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 800R4x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 800R4x4 XT EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 800R4x4 XTP EFI
    2017Can-AmOutlander Max 8504x4 XT DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander Max 8504x4 XTP DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander Max 8504x4 XT DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander Max 8504x4 XTP DPS
    2023Can-AmOutlander Max 10006x6 XT
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 10006x6 XT
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 10006x6 XT
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 LTD
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 XT
    2015Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 XTP
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 DPS EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 LTD EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 XT EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 XTP EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 LTD EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 XT EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander Max 10004x4 XTP EFI
    2023Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 LTD DPS
    2023Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2023Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 XTP DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 LTD DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2022Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 XTP DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 LTD DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2021Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 XTP DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 LTD DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 XTP DPS
    2020Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R6x6 XT
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 LTD DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R4x4 XTP DPS
    2019Can-AmOutlander Max 1000R6x6 XT
    2018Can-AmRenegade 5704X4
    2018Can-AmRenegade 5704x4 XMR DPS
    2017Can-AmRenegade 5704X4
    2017Can-AmRenegade 5704x4 XMR DPS
    2016Can-AmRenegade 5704X4
    2023Can-AmRenegade 6504X4
    2023Can-AmRenegade 6504x4 XMR
    2022Can-AmRenegade 6504x4 XMR
    2022Can-AmRenegade 8504X4
    2022Can-AmRenegade 8504x4 XXC DPS
    2021Can-AmRenegade 8504X4
    2021Can-AmRenegade 8504x4 XXC DPS
    2020Can-AmRenegade 8504X4
    2020Can-AmRenegade 8504x4 XXC DPS
    2022Can-AmRenegade 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2022Can-AmRenegade 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2021Can-AmRenegade 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2021Can-AmRenegade 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2020Can-AmRenegade 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2020Can-AmRenegade 1000R4x4 XXC DPS



    Shipping Information

    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 1.6 lbs.
    • W10.0000” x H0.1000” x L11.0000”
    • Free Ground Shipping
    • Free Shipping - Same Day If Ordered Before 3 EST

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