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Portal Gear Lift 4 Inch Maverick Sport, Defender & Commander STD Cab - 15% Dual Idler


High Lifter Portal Gear Lift (includes 4 portal boxes)

15% & 30% Dual Idler Reductions

What does the Dual Idler Gear Lift offer?

  • High Lifter improved the portal design by adding a second idler gear in the gear box
  • The dual idler gears spread the load over twice as many teeth on the gear sets, which doubles the area and reduces stress by half.
  • You gain more reliable torque transfer
  • Stop burning up belts and breaking so many axles; differentials; drive shafts; snorkel gears…
  • Gear reduction extends brake life by needing brakes less often due to greatly improved engine braking
  • Even though a lower gear ratio will get your speedometer closer to a stock reading, that is still too high a gear to offset the loss of torque caused by the larger tires. If you don’t have a need to run fast, a lower ratio performs better and give you the power you want!

Why is this 4” kit better than other brands?

Forged Gear Boxes

  • Strongest boxes on the market because forging produces a tougher piece of metal
  • Forging is stronger than both cast and billet aluminum
  • Competitors use cast aluminum and billet aluminum boxes
  • These portal boxes are extremely robust and give you more worry-free miles than any other portal

Gear Box Venting

  • Customers asked for box venting and we give you the option
  • Our box design offers a plug for venting with an optional easy to install kit that will be available soon
  • Vent kits allow an advantage of cooling which reduces early deterioration of the gaskets and seals

Gasket Material and Design

  • High density Kevlar fiber gaskets plus no additional sealant is needed
  • Gasket material is creep resistant plus oil and coolant resistant


  • Two oil seals on the spindle shaft for 100% more sealing area
  • Dual seals prevent water intrusion and oil leaks
  • True triple seal on the input shaft which includes a wiper seal that provides a significant extra layer of protection

Backing Plate

  • These are the strongest backing plates on the market
  • 5/16” steel plate with Bent flanges for strength and durability
  • Welded gusset brackets and designed to factory off-set
  • Works with all control arms that are built to factory hub specifications


  • Precision ground stainless steel rotors (this is a big deal for brake performance)
  • Access holes for ease of assembly and disassembly
  • Slotted rotor allows for heat dissipation and cooling

Gear Profile

  • Alloy steel heat treating process increases overall internal and external strength
  • CNC precision ground machining ensures excellent fitment and increased strength
  • Controlled gear lapping for ease of installation and a quieter performance

Tire Fitment:
Largest Tire with Portal: 33"
Largest Tire with Forward Arms: 35"
Our stated tire fitment guide is a general fitment and is in no way guaranteed. Tires and lifts vary by manufacture and tire fitment can be affected by other modifications. Always verify your brand of tires, lift, and other modifications prior to making a buying decision.

Wheel Requirements:
14" or larger
14" factory wheels must run 1" spacer
14" & 15" can not exceed 4-1/2" backspacing
16" & larger can not exceed 5" backspacing

Limited Supply: only 8 remaining
Pricing: $3,955.00
Free Ground Shipping


High Lifter's limited lifetime warranty

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    2024Can-AmCommander 7004x4 DPS
    2024Can-AmCommander 7004x4 XT
    2024Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 DPS
    2024Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2024Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2024Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2023Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 DPS
    2023Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2023Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2023Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2022Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 DPS
    2022Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2022Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2022Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2021Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 DPS
    2021Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XT-P DPS
    2021Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2024Can-AmCommander Max 7004x4 DPS
    2022Can-AmDefender HD74X4
    2022Can-AmDefender HD74x4 DPS
    2024Can-AmDefender HD94X4
    2024Can-AmDefender HD94x4 Cab DPS
    2024Can-AmDefender HD94x4 DPS
    2024Can-AmDefender HD94x4 XT DPS
    2023Can-AmDefender HD94X4
    2023Can-AmDefender HD94x4 Cab DPS
    2023Can-AmDefender HD94x4 DPS
    2023Can-AmDefender HD94x4 XT DPS
    2022Can-AmDefender HD94X4
    2022Can-AmDefender HD94x4 Cab DPS
    2022Can-AmDefender HD94x4 DPS
    2022Can-AmDefender HD94x4 XT DPS
    2024Can-AmDefender HD104x4 DPS
    2024Can-AmDefender HD104x4 Limited DPS
    2024Can-AmDefender HD104x4 XMR
    2024Can-AmDefender HD104x4 XMR with Doors
    2024Can-AmDefender HD104x4 XT DPS
    2023Can-AmDefender HD104x4 Cab Limited
    2023Can-AmDefender HD104x4 DPS
    2023Can-AmDefender HD104x4 Limited DPS
    2023Can-AmDefender HD104x4 XMR
    2023Can-AmDefender HD104x4 XMR with Doors
    2023Can-AmDefender HD104x4 XT DPS
    2022Can-AmDefender HD104x4 DPS
    2022Can-AmDefender HD104x4 Limited DPS
    2022Can-AmDefender HD104x4 XMR
    2022Can-AmDefender HD104x4 XT DPS
    2024Can-AmDefender Max HD104x4 DPS
    2024Can-AmDefender Pro HD104x4 DPS
    2024Can-AmDefender Pro HD104x4 Limited DPS
    2024Can-AmDefender Pro HD104x4 XT DPS
    2022Can-AmMaverick Sport 10004X4
    2021Can-AmMaverick Sport 10004X4
    2021Can-AmMaverick Sport 10004x4 DPS
    2020Can-AmMaverick Sport 10004X4
    2020Can-AmMaverick Sport 10004x4 DPS
    2019Can-AmMaverick Sport 10004X4
    2019Can-AmMaverick Sport 10004x4 DPS
    2024Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 DPS
    2024Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XMR
    2024Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XRC
    2023Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 DPS
    2023Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XMR
    2023Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XRC
    2023Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XXC
    2022Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 DPS
    2022Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XMR
    2022Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XRC
    2022Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XXC
    2021Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 DPS
    2021Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XMR
    2021Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XRC
    2021Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XXC
    2020Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 DPS
    2020Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XMR
    2020Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XRC
    2020Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XXC
    2019Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 DPS
    2019Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XMR
    2019Can-AmMaverick Sport 1000R4x4 XRC


    • PGL-415DI-C1DMC
    • PGL-415DI-C1DMC
    • High Lifter
    • Available
    • New


    Shipping Information

    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 250.0 lbs.
    • W48.0000” x H36.0000” x L48.0000”
    • Free Ground Shipping

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