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Primary Drive Clutch Puller for Polaris Ranger 500 570 RZR 570, 1323255 1322743

This listing is for one new primary drive clutch puller for a Polaris SxS.

Clutch puller will fit:

2012-2022 RZR 570 (including S 570/Trail/Premium), 2014-2022 Ranger 570/Crew 570, 2017-2022 Ranger 500, 2014-2015 Sportsman ACE 325, 2016 ACE 325, 2015-2017 Sportsman ACE 500, 2015-2019 Sportsman ACE 570

2008-2009 RZR 800 (models without EBS - Engine Braking)

Product features:

  • Made of high strength steel
  • Fits Polaris OEM # 1323255, 1322743
Shipping: Free Shipping - Same Day If Ordered Before 3 EST
Pricing: $23.99
Free Standard Ground Shipping


1 year factory defect repair/ replace warranty

Product Notes

  • Fits: 2012-2022 RZR 570 (including S 570/Trail/Premium), 2014-2022 Ranger 570/Crew 570, 2017-2022 Ranger 500, 2014-2015 Sportsman ACE 325, 2016 ACE 325, 2015-2017 Sportsman ACE 500, 2015-2019 Sportsman ACE 570, 2008-2009 RZR 800 (models without EBS - Engine Braking)
  • Made of high strength steel
  • Replaces Polaris OEM # 1323255, 1322743
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty (excluding torn boots & use on lifted vehicles). Lift kit voids warranty, parts are not designed to be used on lifted or modified vehicles.

  • What's In The Box

  • 1 clutch puller
  • Application List

    2016PolarisACE--325 & 500 models
    2019PolarisACE 570EPS
    2018PolarisACE 570EPS
    2018PolarisACE 570SP
    2017PolarisACE 570--
    2017PolarisACE 570SP
    2016PolarisACE 570--
    2016PolarisACE 570SP
    2020PolarisRZR 570--
    2020PolarisRZR 570EPS
    2020PolarisRZR 570EPS Premium
    2019PolarisRZR 570--
    2019PolarisRZR 570EPS
    2018PolarisRZR 570--
    2018PolarisRZR 570EPS
    2017PolarisRZR 570--
    2017PolarisRZR 570EPS
    2016PolarisRZR 570--
    2016PolarisRZR 570Trail EPS
    2015PolarisRZR 570--
    2015PolarisRZR 570EPS
    2015PolarisRZR 570LE Trail EPS
    2015PolarisRZR 570Trail EPS
    2014PolarisRZR 570--
    2014PolarisRZR 570EPS
    2014PolarisRZR 570LE EPS
    2014PolarisRZR 570LE Trail EPS
    2013PolarisRZR 570EFI
    2013PolarisRZR 570LE Trail EFI EPS
    2012PolarisRZR 570EFI
    2009PolarisRZR 800EFImodels without EBS (engine braking)
    2009PolarisRZR 800LEmodels without EBS (engine braking)
    2008PolarisRZR 800EFImodels without EBS (engine braking)
    2017PolarisRZR S 570EPS
    2021PolarisRZR Trail 570--
    2021PolarisRZR Trail 570Premium
    2022PolarisRanger 500--
    2021PolarisRanger 500--
    2020PolarisRanger 500--
    2019PolarisRanger 500--
    2018PolarisRanger 500--
    2017PolarisRanger 5002x4
    2017PolarisRanger 5004X4
    2013PolarisRanger 500LE Midsize EFI
    2013PolarisRanger 500Midsize EFI
    2012PolarisRanger 5004x4 EFI
    2012PolarisRanger 5004x4 LE EFI
    2011PolarisRanger 5004x4 EFI
    2010PolarisRanger 5004x4 HO EFI
    2009PolarisRanger 5002x4
    2009PolarisRanger 5004x4 EFI
    2008PolarisRanger 5002x4
    2008PolarisRanger 5004x4 EFI
    2007PolarisRanger 5002x4
    2007PolarisRanger 5004X4
    2007PolarisRanger 5004x4 EFI
    2006PolarisRanger 5002x4
    2006PolarisRanger 5004X4
    2006PolarisRanger 5004x4 EFI
    2005PolarisRanger 5002x4
    2005PolarisRanger 5004X4
    2005PolarisRanger 5004x4 Limited Edition
    2005PolarisRanger 5006x6
    2004PolarisRanger 5004X4
    2004PolarisRanger 5006x6
    2022PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
    2021PolarisRanger 570--
    2021PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
    2021PolarisRanger 570Premium
    2020PolarisRanger 570--
    2020PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
    2020PolarisRanger 570EPS
    2019PolarisRanger 570--
    2019PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
    2019PolarisRanger 570EPS
    2018PolarisRanger 570--
    2018PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
    2018PolarisRanger 570EPS
    2017PolarisRanger 570--
    2017PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
    2017PolarisRanger 570EPS
    2017PolarisRanger 570Pursuit Camo
    2016PolarisRanger 570--
    2016PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
    2016PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size EPS
    2016PolarisRanger 570EPS
    2016PolarisRanger 570Hunter Edition EPS
    2016PolarisRanger 570Pursuit Camo
    2015PolarisRanger 570--
    2015PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
    2015PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size EPS
    2015PolarisRanger 570EPS
    2014PolarisRanger 570EFI
    2014PolarisRanger 570LE EFI EPS
    2014PolarisRanger 570Pursuit EFI
    2013PolarisRanger Crew 500LE Midsize
    2013PolarisRanger Crew 500Midsize
    2013PolarisRanger Crew 500Pursuit
    2012PolarisRanger Crew 5004X4
    2012PolarisRanger Crew 5004x4 LE
    2011PolarisRanger Crew 5004X4
    2011PolarisRanger Crew 5004x4 Pursuit
    2022PolarisRanger Crew 5704x4 Full Size
    2015PolarisRanger Crew 570--
    2015PolarisRanger Crew 5704x4 Full Size
    2015PolarisRanger Crew 5704x4 Full Size EPS
    2015PolarisRanger Crew 570EPS
    2014PolarisRanger Crew 570EFI
    2014PolarisRanger Crew 570LE EFI EPS
    2014PolarisRanger Crew 570Pursuit EFI
    2021PolarisRanger Crew 570-44X4
    2021PolarisRanger Crew 570-44x4 Premium
    2020PolarisRanger Crew 570-44X4
    2020PolarisRanger Crew 570-44x4 Premium
    2019PolarisRanger Crew 570-44X4
    2019PolarisRanger Crew 570-44x4 EPS
    2018PolarisRanger Crew 570-44X4
    2018PolarisRanger Crew 570-44x4 EPS
    2017PolarisRanger Crew 570-44X4
    2017PolarisRanger Crew 570-44x4 EPS
    2017PolarisRanger Crew 570-4Pursuit Camo
    2016PolarisRanger Crew 570-44X4
    2016PolarisRanger Crew 570-44x4 EPS
    2016PolarisRanger Crew 570-4Pursuit Camo
    2021PolarisRanger Crew 570-64X4
    2020PolarisRanger Crew 570-64X4
    2019PolarisRanger Crew 570-64X4
    2018PolarisRanger Crew 570-64X4
    2017PolarisRanger Crew 570-64X4
    2016PolarisRanger Crew 570-64X4
    2016PolarisRanger Crew 570-64x4 EPS
    2016PolarisRanger Crew XP 570-6EPS
    2016PolarisRanger Crew XP 570-6Pursuit Camo EPS
    2016PolarisRanger XP 570--
    2016PolarisRanger XP 570EPS
    2016PolarisRanger XP 570Pursuit Camo
    2015PolarisSportsman ACE--325 models
    2015PolarisSportsman ACE--500 models
    2014PolarisSportsman ACE--325 models
    2015PolarisSportsman ACE 570--
    2015PolarisSportsman ACE 570SP



    Shipping Information

    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 1.0 lbs.
    • W1.0000” x H1.0000” x L7.0000”
    • Free Standard Ground Shipping
    • Free Shipping - Same Day If Ordered Before 3 EST

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