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Gates Drive Belt for Can-Am Bombardier ATV 715000302, 715900030

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This listing is for one Heavy Duty G-Force ATV drive belt.
Please see fitment info to make sure this will fit your model

OEM replacement #:715000302, 420280360, 715900030

Perfect Fit, Paramount Performance and Durability, Drop-in Installation

G-Force drive belts are designed with proprietary measuring technology assuring exact fit. Advanced tensile cords surrounded by specially formulated adhesion gum reduce edge cord pullout. Reinforced fiber loaded undercord are used in construction for dependability, performance and durability for today's recreational and utility all-terrain equipment. Double or single cog design construction matches the OEM belt design, maximizing heat control and flexibility.

Extreme real-world testing has proven the G-Force belt to be high performing and durable, with no clutching adjustments necessary at installation. Whether trail riding, farming, ranching, or extreme riding, G-Force belts are engineered for demanding off-road conditions. Just drop in a G-Force belt and be on your way for work or play.

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1 year manufacturer warranty

Product Notes

  • STRENGTH: The first CVT belt utilizing a tensile cord, combining minimal stretch with extraordinary strength.
  • FLEXIBILITY: High performance neoprene with a trapezoidal top-notch and rounded bottom cog design maximizing heat control and flexibility.
  • DURABILITY: Tensile cords are bonded with specially formulated adhesion gum to aramid fiber loaded rubber resulting in increased side-load resistance which prevents belt distortion and edge cord pullout.
  • PERFORMANCE: Tensile cords provide optimal power transmission resulting in faster acceleration, improved throttle response and consistent shifting performance.
  • Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

  • What's In The Box

  • 1 belt
  • Application List

    2006BombardierOutlander 8004x4 EFI HO
    2006BombardierOutlander 8004x4 XT EFI HO
    2018Can-AmCommander 800R4X4
    2018Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 DPS
    2018Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 XT DPS
    2017Can-AmCommander 800R4X4
    2017Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 XT DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander 800R4X4
    2016Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 XT Camo DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 XT DPS
    2015Can-AmCommander 800R4X4
    2015Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 XT
    2013Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 EFI
    2013Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 XT EFI
    2012Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 EFI
    2012Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 XT EFI
    2011Can-AmCommander 800R4X4
    2011Can-AmCommander 800R4x4 XT
    2017Can-AmCommander 10004x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmCommander 10004x4 Limited DPS
    2017Can-AmCommander 10004x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2017Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XT-P DPS
    2017Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XT DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander 10004x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander 10004x4 Limited DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander 10004x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XT-P DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XT Camo DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XT DPS
    2015Can-AmCommander 10004X4
    2015Can-AmCommander 10004x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmCommander 10004x4 LTD
    2015Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XT
    2015Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XTP
    2014Can-AmCommander 10004X4
    2014Can-AmCommander 10004x4 DPS
    2014Can-AmCommander 10004x4 LTD
    2014Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XT
    2014Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XTP
    2013Can-AmCommander 10004x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmCommander 10004x4 EFI
    2013Can-AmCommander 10004x4 LTD
    2013Can-AmCommander 10004x4 X EFI
    2013Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XT EFI
    2012Can-AmCommander 10004x4 EFI
    2012Can-AmCommander 10004x4 LTD EFI
    2012Can-AmCommander 10004x4 X EFI
    2012Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XT EFI
    2011Can-AmCommander 10004X4
    2011Can-AmCommander 10004x4 X
    2011Can-AmCommander 10004x4 XT
    2018Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 DPS
    2018Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 Limited DPS
    2018Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition DPS
    2018Can-AmCommander 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2017Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 Limited DPS
    2017Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 XT DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 Limited DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 XT Camo DPS
    2016Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 XT DPS
    2015Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 LTD
    2015Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 XT
    2014Can-AmCommander Max 10004X4
    2014Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 DPS
    2014Can-AmCommander Max 10004x4 XT
    2018Can-AmCommander Max 1000R4x4 DPS
    2018Can-AmCommander Max 1000R4x4 Limited DPS
    2018Can-AmCommander Max 1000R4x4 XT DPS
    2018Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 DPS
    2018Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XC
    2018Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XC DPS
    2018Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2018Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2017Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 Turbo DPS
    2017Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XC
    2017Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XC DPS
    2017Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2017Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2016Can-AmMaverick 1000R4X4
    2016Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 Turbo DPS
    2016Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XC DPS
    2016Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XDS DPS
    2016Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XDS Turbo DPS
    2016Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2016Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XRS Turbo DPS
    2016Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2015Can-AmMaverick 1000R4X4
    2015Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XDS
    2015Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XDS Turbo
    2015Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XMR DPS
    2015Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XRS DPS
    2015Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2014Can-AmMaverick 1000R4X4
    2014Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XRS
    2014Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XRS DPS
    2014Can-AmMaverick 1000R4x4 XXC DPS
    2014Can-AmMaverick 1000RXMR
    2013Can-AmMaverick 1000R4X4
    2014Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 DPS EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XT EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XT EFI
    2012Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 EFI
    2012Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XT EFI
    2011Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 EFI
    2011Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XT EFI
    2010Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 HO EFI
    2010Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XT HO EFI
    2010Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XTP HO EFI
    2009Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 HO EFI
    2009Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XT HO EFI
    2008Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 HO EFI
    2008Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XT HO EFI
    2007Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 HO EFI
    2007Can-AmOutlander 5004x4 XT HO EFI
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6504X4
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 North Edition DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT DPS
    2018Can-AmOutlander 6506x6 DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 6504X4
    2017Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT DPS
    2017Can-AmOutlander 6506x6 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 6504X4
    2016Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 DPS
    2016Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XMR DPS
    2011Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT EFI
    2011Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XTP EFI
    2010Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 HO EFI
    2010Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT HO EFI
    2010Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XTP EFI
    2010Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XTP HO EFI
    2009Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 HO EFI
    2009Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT HO EFI
    2008Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 HO EFI
    2008Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT HO EFI
    2007Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 HO EFI
    2007Can-AmOutlander 6504x4 XT HO EFI
    2008Can-AmOutlander 8004x4 HO EFI
    2008Can-AmOutlander 8004x4 XT HO EFI
    2007Can-AmOutlander 8004x4 HO EFI
    2007Can-AmOutlander 8004x4 XT HO EFI
    2015Can-AmOutlander 800R4X4
    2015Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 DPS
    2015Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XMR
    2015Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XT
    2015Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XTP
    2014Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 DPS EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XMR EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XT EFI
    2014Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XTP EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 DPS EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XMR EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XT EFI
    2013Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XTP EFI
    2012Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 EFI
    2012Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XMR EFI
    2012Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XT EFI
    2012Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XTP EFI
    2011Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 EFI
    2011Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XMR
    2011Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XT EFI
    2011Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XTP EFI
    2011Can-AmOutlander 800R4x4 XXC EFI


    • 30G3750
    • 30G3750
    • 770075463658
    • Gates
    • Available
    • New


    Shipping Information

    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 1.1 lbs.
    • W6.0000” x H1.0000” x L16.0000”
    • Free Ground Shipping
    • Free Shipping - Same Day If Ordered Before 3 EST

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