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Drive Belts for Arctic Cat 0627-046

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This is a new Dayco XTX drive belt for an Arctic Cat snowmobile.

It will fit the following applications:

2015-2017 ... Bearcat 2000

2009-2014 ... Bearcat 570

2007-2008 ... Crossfire 500

2007-2011 ... Crossfire 600 / 800

2007-2009 ... Crossfire 1000

2007-2011 ... F6 / F8

2007-2009 ... F1000 / M1000

2007-2011 ... M6 / M8

Product features:

  • - Made in the USA
  • - Circumference = 46.00", Width = 1.45"
  • - Faster and more consistent throttle response at high speeds
  • - Quicker throttle response at mid-speed acceleration
  • - Greater secondary acceleration at high RPMs
  • - Reduction in slippage during the highest levels of torque
  • - Increased horsepower capacity
  • - Better performance during deceleration (more responsive engine braking)
  • - Tested and proven reliable at well over 12,000 RPMs
  • - Cooler running than the leading competitors
Limited Supply: only 5 remaining
Shipping: Free Shipping - Ships Same Day If Ordered Before 3EST
Pricing: $112.00
Free ground shipping for lower 48 states ( some exclusions may apply)


1 year factory defect warranty

Product Notes

No data provided.

Application List

2017Arctic CatBearcat 2000LT ES
2017Arctic CatBearcat 2000XT ES
2016Arctic CatBearcat 2000LT
2016Arctic CatBearcat 2000XT
2016Arctic CatBearcat 2000XTE
2015Arctic CatBearcat 2000LT
2015Arctic CatBearcat 2000XT
2015Arctic CatBearcat 2000XTE
2014Arctic CatBearcat 570--
2014Arctic CatBearcat 570XT
2014Arctic CatBearcat 570XTE
2013Arctic CatBearcat 570--
2013Arctic CatBearcat 570XT
2012Arctic CatBearcat 570--
2012Arctic CatBearcat 570XT
2011Arctic CatBearcat 570--
2011Arctic CatBearcat 570XT
2010Arctic CatBearcat 570--
2010Arctic CatBearcat 570Long Track
2010Arctic CatBearcat 570XT
2009Arctic CatBearcat 570Long Track
2009Arctic CatBearcat 570XT
2009Arctic CatCrossfire 1000--
2009Arctic CatCrossfire 1000Sno Pro
2009Arctic CatCrossfire 1000Sno Pro LE
2008Arctic CatCrossfire 1000EFI
2008Arctic CatCrossfire 1000Sno Pro EFI
2007Arctic CatCrossfire 1000EFI
2007Arctic CatCrossfire 1000Sno Pro EFI
2008Arctic CatCrossfire 500EFI
2007Arctic CatCrossfire 500EFI
2011Arctic CatCrossfire 600--
2010Arctic CatCrossfire 600--
2009Arctic CatCrossfire 600--
2008Arctic CatCrossfire 600EFI
2007Arctic CatCrossfire 600EFI
2011Arctic CatCrossfire 800Sno Pro
2010Arctic CatCrossfire 800--
2010Arctic CatCrossfire 800Limited
2010Arctic CatCrossfire 800Sno Pro
2009Arctic CatCrossfire 800--
2009Arctic CatCrossfire 800Sno Pro
2009Arctic CatCrossfire 800Sno Pro LE
2008Arctic CatCrossfire 800EFI
2008Arctic CatCrossfire 800Sno Pro EFI
2007Arctic CatCrossfire 800EFI
2007Arctic CatCrossfire 800Sno Pro EFI
2009Arctic CatF1000Sno Pro EFI
2008Arctic CatF1000EFI
2008Arctic CatF1000LXR EFI
2008Arctic CatF1000Sno Pro EFI
2007Arctic CatF1000EFI
2007Arctic CatF1000LXR EFI
2007Arctic CatF1000Sno Pro EFI
2011Arctic CatF6Sno Pro
2010Arctic CatF6Sno Pro
2009Arctic CatF6Sno Pro EFI
2008Arctic CatF6EFI
2008Arctic CatF6LXR EFI
2008Arctic CatF6Sno Pro EFI
2007Arctic CatF6EFI
2007Arctic CatF6LXR EFI
2007Arctic CatF6Sno Pro EFI
2011Arctic CatF8EXT
2011Arctic CatF8LXR
2011Arctic CatF8Sno Pro
2011Arctic CatF8Sno Pro Limited
2010Arctic CatF8--
2010Arctic CatF8LXR
2010Arctic CatF8Sno Pro
2010Arctic CatF8Sno Pro Limited
2009Arctic CatF8EFI
2009Arctic CatF8LE EFI
2009Arctic CatF8LXR EFI
2009Arctic CatF8Sno Pro EFI
2008Arctic CatF8EFI
2008Arctic CatF8LXR EFI
2008Arctic CatF8Sno Pro EFI
2007Arctic CatF8EFI
2007Arctic CatF8LXR EFI
2007Arctic CatF8Sno Pro EFI
2007Arctic CatF8Sno Pro Tony Stewart EFI
2009Arctic CatM1000EFI 153in
2009Arctic CatM1000EFI 162in
2009Arctic CatM1000LE EFI 162in
2009Arctic CatM1000Sno Pro EFI 153in
2009Arctic CatM1000Sno Pro EFI 162in
2008Arctic CatM1000EFI 153in
2008Arctic CatM1000EFI 162in
2008Arctic CatM1000Sno Pro EFI 153in
2008Arctic CatM1000Sno Pro EFI 162in
2007Arctic CatM1000EFI 153in
2007Arctic CatM1000EFI 162in
2007Arctic CatM1000Sno Pro EFI 153in
2007Arctic CatM1000Sno Pro EFI 162in
2011Arctic CatM6153in
2010Arctic CatM6153in
2009Arctic CatM6EFI 153in
2008Arctic CatM6EFI 153in
2007Arctic CatM6EFI 141in
2007Arctic CatM6EFI 153in
2011Arctic CatM8153in
2011Arctic CatM8162in
2011Arctic CatM8HCR 153in
2011Arctic CatM8Sno Pro 153in
2011Arctic CatM8Sno Pro 162in
2011Arctic CatM8Sno Pro Limited 153in
2010Arctic CatM8153in
2010Arctic CatM8162in
2010Arctic CatM8EFI 153in
2010Arctic CatM8EFI 162in
2010Arctic CatM8HCR 153in
2010Arctic CatM8Limited 153in
2010Arctic CatM8Sno Pro 153in
2010Arctic CatM8Sno Pro 162in
2010Arctic CatM8Sno Pro EFI 162in
2009Arctic CatM8EFI 153in
2009Arctic CatM8EFI 162in
2009Arctic CatM8HCR 153in
2009Arctic CatM8Sno Pro EFI 153in
2009Arctic CatM8Sno Pro EFI 162in
2009Arctic CatM8Sno Pro LE 153in
2009Arctic CatM8Sno Pro LE EFI 153in
2008Arctic CatM8EFI 153in
2008Arctic CatM8EFI 162in
2008Arctic CatM8Sno Pro EFI 153in
2007Arctic CatM8EFI 141in
2007Arctic CatM8EFI 153in
2007Arctic CatM8EFI 162in
2007Arctic CatM8Sno Pro EFI 153in

What's in the box

1 Drive Belt


  • XTX5032
  • XTX5032
  • Dayco
  • Available
  • New

Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 1.6 lbs.
  • W6.0000” x H2.0000” x L20.0000”
  • Free ground shipping for lower 48 states ( some exclusions may apply)
  • Free Shipping - Ships Same Day If Ordered Before 3EST

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